How to remove speed limit from Folkvänlig ebike from IKEA

While I’m writing this there are no articles or tutorials on how to remove the speed limit. But I went ahead anyway and gave it a try. I was going all analog on that system. I gotta say I’ve never seen so hacker unfriendly wires. The actual brain has been molten so there’s no access to the control board.

My next move was to attack the motor trigger but it requires a pulse (like 2 second interval) so that would have been a lot of work. Then when I was going for the actual speedometer I gave up. It is located inside the center of the wheel. It would take a lot of work to get to.

I was about to give up when I figured I should use my evening to sink into the youtube black hole to see if I’ll find anything of use and it actually worked. There was a Russian dude with a lot of answers but not all of ’em.

So, if you change these values you do so on your own responsibility. Be careful not to hurt yourself and others.

Programming menu

Start the bike and when everything is in idle mode double click the power button. You’ll see a menu that is really hard to read and honestly I thought this was just some error when I saw it first. It looks horrible.

You use up and down arrows to change the value. The value gets saved instantly.

First on the screen is Km vs Miles

Then there’s CF – It means Celius vs Farenheit

OF f – auto-off: This means how many minutes until the bike should turn off

PO d – Motor power display
If I understand that correctly It just shows how fast you’re paddling on the main display if you change it to 1

LJ d
This is the wheel size
If you’re here to make your bike go faster you’re going to want to change this to the smallest of sizes available. This corrupts the speedometer to think that you’re going slower than you are really going. Note that this will ruin your mileage.

PS d
Now you’re finally at the good part. Insert the passcode 1919 to get into this admin menu. You need to use up and down arrows to choose each number and then power off button as an enter button to get to the next character.
If 1919 doesn’t work as a passcode, try 0512.

SP l
This is the Speed Limit. If you’re looking to go fast you’re going to want this as high as you can go. The max number I get is 41.

Have fun 🙂